In-Home Cardiac Rehab Platform

Welcome To WAVY MEET

Our mission is to revolutionize cardiac rehabilitation by leveraging technology to enhance accessibility

At WAVY MEET, we proudly present a cutting-edge medical telecommunication platform that transforms how patients undergo cardiac rehabilitation programs. Our innovative solution empowers patients to embark on recovery without commuting to the hospital. By providing a seamless, integrated, and certified platform, we optimize time and space for European medical providers supporting phases II and III cardiac rehabilitation programs.


WAVY MEET wants to bridge the gap with human-centered care. We firmly believe that healthcare should never lose its human touch. That’s why, at WAVY MEET, we have developed a solution that ensures patients receive personalized care and real-time monitoring from therapists, even as they access rehabilitation sessions from the comfort of their homes using smartphones or tablets. Our focus is on enhancing patient experience, engagement, and outcomes while maintaining the highest standards of care.


WAVY MEET leverages the power of video communication and secure transmission of vital signs, enabling medical providers to deliver cardiac rehabilitation sessions more efficiently. Hospitals can now extend the care continuum to patients’ homes, where a qualified physiotherapist hosts virtual rooms for performing rehabilitation exercises in a secure and monitored environment. This increased engagement translates to treating more patients and reducing the risk of relapses, ultimately leading to cost savings for patients and healthcare providers.


With WAVY MEET, medical facilities access a comprehensive and certified software platform that can be easily installed, run, and maintained on their premises or hosted in a dedicated cloud environment. We understand that each healthcare setting is unique. This ensures our solution remains accessible, empowering healthcare providers to deliver top-notch cardiac rehabilitation programs seamlessly.