In-Home Cardiac Rehab Platform

Welcome To WAVY MEET

Our mission is to empower patients to take control of their health

WAVY MEET is a medical telecommunication platform that allows patients to undertake cardiac rehabilitation programs without commuting to the hospital.

This integrated and certified solution optimizes time and space for European medical providers of phases II and  III cardiac rehabilitation programs.


WAVY MEET improves the efficiency of cardiac rehabilitation programs by exploiting video communication and secure transmission of vital signs. Hospitals can allow cardiac patients to recover from the comfort of their homes. A physiotherapist hosts the patients in a virtual room to perform rehabilitation exercises in a secure and monitored environment. More engagement implies treating more patients and avoiding relapses, reducing costs.


WAVY MEET offers an integrated and certified software platform to install, run, and maintain on the customers’ premises at a price of (price is a function of the cost of phase II and phase III physical therapy per patient and the cost of non-first CVD failure per patient).