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Revolutionize Your Cardiac Rehabilitation Program with WAVY MEET

WAVY MEET is a medical telecommunication platform that allows patients to undertake cardiac rehabilitation programs without commuting to the hospital.


The integrated and certified solution optimizes time and space for European medical providers of phases II and III cardiac rehabilitation programs. ​

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Transforming Cardiac Rehabilitation for the Future

Innovative remote rehabilitation
Certified and integrated platform
Seamless telemedicine solutions
Effective cardiac monitoring

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the delivery of cardiac rehabilitation programs, making them accessible to all who need them, regardless of their location or mobility. ​

Our Mission

Empowering patients with accessible CR

Optimizing time and space

Enhancing CR outcomes

High quality care to patients

| Our Values

Empowering Patients, Enhancing Rehabilitation

We believe that cardiac rehabilitation programs should be accessible to all patients, regardless of their location or mobility.
We are committed to pushing the boundaries of medical telecommunication, delivering innovative solutions that enhance patient outcomes.​
reliability and validity
We are using mature technologies, based on requirements collected from national and international cardio rehabilitation experts.​
Empowering CR Therapists
We aims to support CR medical centers to work better with patients by knowing their actual effort during the remote session.​
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| Our Solution

Comprehensive, Certified, and Medically approved Cardiac Rehabilitation Solution

Remote Soultion

WAVY MEET empowers patients to take control of their health while enjoying the convenience of receiving care without the need for cumbersome hospital visits.

Real-time ECG Feedback

WAVYMEET instantly gives physical therapists ECG feedback, helping them monitor patients’ heartbeats and rhythms during rehab exercises.

Healthier Population

WAVY MEET allows patients to do their rehab at home, contributing to a healthier community.

Alarms Powered by AI

WAVY MEET uses smart alarms driven by AI to notify both patients and their healthcare providers about any problems right away.

| Commonly Asked Question
Our telecommunication platform allows patients to undertake cardiac rehabilitation programs from the comfort of their homes. Patients connect with medical providers through video conferencing and receive personalized support throughout their rehabilitation journey.
Yes, our telecommunication platform is designed with the highest level of security in mind. We use advanced encryption and data protection measures to ensure patient information is kept safe and confidential.
Our cardiac rehabilitation programs are designed for patients who have undergone cardiac surgery or have been diagnosed with a cardiac condition. We work closely with medical providers to tailor each program to the patient’s specific needs and goals.

The duration of cardiac rehabilitation programs varies depending on the patient’s condition and the goals of the program. Typically, programs run for 6-12 weeks, with multiple sessions per week.

Yes, we work with medical providers to ensure our programs are accessible to all patients, regardless of their mobility or accessibility needs. Our telecommunication platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Medical providers can partner with us by contacting our team and expressing their interest in our telecommunication platform and cardiac rehabilitation programs. We’ll work closely with them to ensure a seamless integration and provide ongoing support.

| Our Team

Meet the experienced professionals that drive WAVYMEET’s commitment to telemedicine excellence.

Co-founder & ceo​

Antonio Ken IANNILLO

Antonio received his PhD degree from the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), in 2018. Dr. IANNILLO is the CEO of WAVYMEET.

Co-founder & CFO


Denisa is passionate and energetic fitness and health entrepreneur with a clear vision to develop and build successful companies within the health tech sector.


Wazen has a PhD degree in computer science from the University of Lorrain(France). Dr. Shbair is the technical lead and manage the development team.



Radu is the Head of the research group SEDAN at SnT and Professor at the University of Luxembourg. Prof. State is our scientific and technical mentor.